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Even with improvements in energy efficiency, we expect the global demand in energy to double by 2050. This is the inevitable consequence of the world’s population growth, global economic growth, continued urbanization, as well as the resulting increased demand on mobility and other energy-dependent services. In this context, energy sustainability is based on the core dimensions of energy security and environmental impact mitigation.

We, at Joud Energy Co., are committed to including those dimensions in all aspects of our work. Our success is built on our interest in all the challenging aspects of the petroleum industry field, our sense of responsibility, as well as on our team’s competence, knowledge and efforts.

We are committed to integrity and accountability towards our customers and partners. We deliver the right petroleum products and services to the right place, at the right time. We keep our customers informed of our innovative products, striving to offer the best service by employing experienced and conscientious professionals, whose dedication is unequalled.

By creating new partnerships with other petroleum companies, we aim to strengthen all kinds of cooperation in this new era of globalization. We are determined to continuously diversify our activities, raise their quality and expand into new markets. Your trust is our strength.

Mohanad H. Alwan

Managing Director

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